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Aug 22, 2018 · 6 min read

This week, Elpis Investments has launched its Initial Coin Offering, following a successful private allocation period for private investors that saw it reach its soft cap already. While private allocation is still ongoing, the opportunity to participate has also been opened up to the wider community. Elpis Investments is now offering both professional and retail investors alike the opportunity to contribute in funding a strong project with real value.


Elpis Investments token, called ELP, will be available in a public sale regulated by a smart contract written by FlashBoys — an independent company — that ensures the highest standards of fairness and safety for all the contributors. The ICO’s target is $10M, while the amount of tokens available for ICO investors is 87M with 80M for private allocation. Any unsold tokens will be burned or recycled by Elpis Investments partner CapchainX. All the ICO participants will be granted a 1-year subscription to its trading signals to invest in both traditional markets and cryptocurrencies.

ELP tokens are available at an initial price of $0.11, with prices increasing with every 14.5 million of ELP tokens sold. Elpis Investments has a target of $10m, with 80% of the raised funds going to Assets Under Management. Anything over $10m will go directly into the AUM fund, thus directly benefitting Elpis Investments’ clients.

The Elpis Investments team is successfully testing its system’s strategies on real data like US equities and futures starting from 2008, and more recently on cryptocurrencies as well too.

Elpis Investments’ strategies have consistently beaten the S&P on both fronts, and were able to reduce the maximum monthly drawdown (i.e. the decline in fund value) from -37.26% to 1.45% — a reduction of 25x over a 10 year period. Additionally, Elpis Investments system has already proven capable of reducing volatility, and the risk for the investors by 3.5x. Due to the confidence Elpis Investments team has in its strong performances, it will charge no management fees and be paid purely on market performance — 20% of profits made.

With this innovative approach Elpis Investments is contributing to a revolution in the financial landscape, creating a more transparent, efficient and fair trading environment. It’s decision to use an Initial Coin Offering is consistent with the company’s project and vision: participating in the ICO allows token holders to be involved directly in the process of development, giving them a real opportunity to evaluate the project’s potential and get involved in its taking off and growth. Elpis is not asking for a free pass here, trust is not granted: potential contributors are given all the instruments and info they need to get a thorough sense of what they are getting involved with.

Buying an ELP token is to contribute in building the Elpis Investments hybrid hedge fund, but also the first crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on blockchain, to bridge the gap between old and new finance by trading both crypto and traditional assets, offering Elpis Investments technology to both institutional and retail clients.


Elpis Investments objective is to provide with trading signals (specific buying and selling market orders) every participant in both the fund and the ICO, allowing retail clients to access a technology-driven platform built to professionally manage a fund and trade automatically, in a easy-to-understand application, requiring minimal to none intervention. Elpis Investments system has already achieved a 40% gain in the last four months, with a low drawdown for both S&P 500 benchmark and crypto market benchmark (Civ20).

Elpis Investments mission is clear and ambitious: we want to become a leader in the trading and blockchain space by operating more efficiently than the average trading competitors, working on performance only, and building an organisation with a totally open structure, transparent for the clients that, thanks to the blockchain, will be constantly able to verify and audit the transactions. The final and even more ambitious goal is to open up and extend the access to Elpis Investments trading and fund management technologies to everybody.

Elpis is creating an Artificial Intelligence-driven system capable of analysing unstructured data revealing patterns that are not identifiable by human-based technical analysis. Elpis Investments brings about a new approach to investing that is more accurate, reliable and efficient. It is leveraging the latest AI technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning to increase the efficiency of its strategies, engaging both the traditional, institutional investors and a new breed of retail, non-professional investors, that were so far unable to access the trading experience. The new wave of technologies it is part of, has opened up new possibilities to FinTech startups like Elpis Investments: such as the opportunity to reach a larger and diverse investor base in a more inclusive and transparent way.


The hybrid fund that Elpis Investments is creating with the raised funds, will be regulated by the Swiss trading watchdog FINMA, as Elpis is fully compliant with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) norms, including KYC (Know Your Client) obligations, which FINMA strictly supervises.

The Swiss financial regulator has categorised tokens into three broad groups: payment tokens, utility tokens and asset tokens. The first class consists of cryptocurrencies with “no further functions or links to other development projects.”

The second group, the utility tokens like the Elpis Investments token ELP, are generally “intended to provide digital access to an application or service”: as such, they do not qualify as securities.

The third class consists of those defined as asset tokens, subjected to strict securities law’s requirements, and will be treated like equities or bonds in case they will pay dividends or interests, or will generate earnings streams rights. Elpis investments choose the Swiss financial regulator’s framework because it represents one of the most organically conceived and thorough legal frameworks available, finally starting to establish some clear definitions, that are useful to operate in such a fluid and constantly mutating market, unfortunately plagued by all kinds of speculations and scams.


Elpis Investments ICO reflects the company’s attitude towards transparency, one of the pillars of the whole project. To ensure the utmost transparency, Elpis Investements will implement and use a blockchain-based system to publicly enable clients and regulators to monitor every trade and every transaction, that will be certified by the blockchain, what will recognise once and for all what was invested and who holds the public ID wallet. Thus, it will be possible to easily and safely track each investor’s equity in the fund and the rewards/interests coming from trading activities.

Elpis Investments has created an investing system with real value and a real potential for growth and is already seeing (and sharing) results publicly via it’s t.me/elpistrading group.


If you are looking for a solid and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence-driven Trading Company and want to contribute in our ICO, check out our website www.elpisinvestments.com, or join our Telegram group to get in touch directly with us.

Giuseppe Solinas

Chief Editor of Elpis Investments, the first AI-driven Crypto and Traditional Assets Investment Company: www.elpisinvestments.com, info@elpisinvestments.com

Elpis Investments

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The First Artificial Intelligence Crypto-Assets Trading company on blockchain

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