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Oct 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Elpis Investments has recently participated in the public series of meetings organised by Wholesale Investor, Australasia’s “leading private investment platform connecting innovative private, pre-IPO and listed companies with high net worth and professional investors looking for investment opportunities.”

Elpis Investments is creating an Artificial Intelligence-driven system capable of analysing unstructured data revealing patterns that are not identifiable by human-based technical analysis. Elpis Investments brings about a new approach to investing that is more accurate, reliable and efficient than traditional investing systems. Elpis Investments is leveraging the latest AI technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning to increase the efficiency of its strategies, and to engage the traditional and institutional investors alongside a new breed of retail, non-professional investors, that were until recently unable to access an efficient and customised trading experience. The new wave of of technologies applied to trading has opened up unforeseeable new opportunities to FinTech startups like Elpis Investments and investors looking forward to new and reliable trading means, a larger and diverse investor base that greatly values a more inclusive and transparent involvement in the investing process.

Elpis Investments token, called ELP, is available to the investors through a public sale regulated by a smart contract written by FlashBoys — an independent company — that ensures the highest standards of fairness and safety for all the contributors. The ongoing ICO’s target is $10M, while the amount of tokens available for ICO investors is 87M with 80M for private allocation. Any unsold tokens will be burned or recycled by Elpis Investments partner CapchainX. All the ICO participants will be granted a 1-year subscription to its trading signals to invest in both traditional markets and cryptocurrencies.

ELP tokens are available at an initial price of $0.11, with prices increasing with every 14.5 million of ELP tokens sold. Elpis Investments has a target of $10m, with 80% of the raised funds going to Assets Under Management. Anything over $10m will go directly into the AUM fund, thus directly benefitting Elpis Investments’ clients.

The Elpis Investments team is successfully testing its system’s strategies on real data like US equities and futures starting from 2008, and more recently on cryptocurrencies as well. Elpis Investments’ strategies have consistently beaten the S&P on both fronts, and were able to reduce the maximum monthly drawdown (i.e. the decline in fund value) from -37.26% to 1.45% — a reduction of 25x over a 10 year period. Additionally, Elpis Investments system has already proven capable of reducing volatility, and the risk for the investors by 3.5x. Due to the confidence Elpis Investments team has in its strong performances, it will charge no management fees and be paid purely on market performance — 20% of profits made.

With this innovative approach Elpis Investments is contributing in revolutionising the financial landscape, building a more transparent, efficient and fair trading environment. The Initial Coin Offering is consistent with the company’s project and vision as it allows the token holders to be involved directly in the projects’ development, giving them a real opportunity to evaluate its potential and being involved in its taking off and growth. Elpis is not asking for a free pass, as trust is not taken for granted by the company. Transparency and fairness are integrally part of Elpis Investments business attitude and that’s why the potential contributors are given all the instruments and information they need to get a thorough sense of what they are getting involved with.

This is why Elpis Investments has decided to engage directly with investors as much as possible, participating in multiple high-profile public events in order to inform and establish a direct and productive relationships with those potential investors that are looking for more advanced and more promising proposals in the sector.

Andrea De Francisci, Elpis Investments COO and Anatoly Castella, Elpis Investments CEO in Hong Kong.

Elpis Investments mission was thus presented at events such as the Wholesale Investor Roadshows in Singapore on the 21st of September, Hong Kong on the September 26 and London on the 5th of October. Innovation, transparency, real-time responses to market changes, and above all fairness are the Elpis Investments’ driving principles that were discussed with institutional investors from the Asia-Pacific markets, one of the most active and dynamic in regards both to Artificial Intelligence investing and crypto trading. In London, the world capital of FinTech activities, institutional and retail investors alike, are always looking for the best business opportunities and the most innovative projects: Elpis Investments was received as one of those, according to the high level of interest that surrounded the project’s fundamentals and the team involved.

These events brought about numerous and very productive contacts, and Elpis Investments is currently undertaking mature discussion with several investors interested in partnerships with the company. A great deal of attention came about in particular from the Asia-Pacific financial eco-system. And it was mutual, as Elpis Investments is really attracted by the thriving Asia-Pacific FinTech landscape.

The FinTech sector grew significantly and is expected to reach new heights in the next few years. According to a recent report, the FinTech industry in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 72.5 percent reaching a staggering US$72 billion by 2020.

Elpis Investments approach is best summarised by these words from its CEO Anatoly Castella: “The world of institutional investment is long overdue a shakeup to rebuild trust and encourage more transparency. Those who can perform should have nothing to hide and that’s why our fund will be paid only on results achieved. Our proprietary AI technology will remove human bias and error to ensure higher returns, less risk and complete visibility to clients. Our ICO will help us to build the hybrid fund of the future, using our knowledge and success in traditional futures combined with the opportunities brought about by cryptocurrencies and blockchain.”

The Elpis Investments team attending London’s Wholesale Investor Roadshow.

If you are looking for a solid and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence-driven Trading Company, check out our new website www.elpisinvestments.com, or join the conversation on LinkedIn and Telegram.

Giuseppe Solinas

Chief Editor of Elpis Investments, the first AI-driven Crypto and Traditional Assets Investment Company: www.elpisinvestments.com, info@elpisinvestments.com

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