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Oct 23, 2017 · 4 min read

As we are about to launch Elpis Investments ICO, which will start with the pre-sale on November 1, our team is proud and happy to announce that Simon Cocking has agreed to join Elpis, becoming Elpis Advisor and Board Member.

Simon Cocking is founder and Senior Editor of Irish Tech News, one of the most respected online publications focusing on technology, covering a wide range of topics from social media to start-ups. Irish Tech has won in Oct 2014 the “Best Science and Technology” website at the 2014 Web Awards, Silver in the “Digital and Tech” category at the 2015 Blog Awards and Gold at the 2016 Awards.

Simon Cocking has been writing on diverse topics such as sports, art, environmental issues, community development and, naturally, tech and fintech, for the past 15 years. He regularly contributed to websites such as Tweak Your Biz, Tech versus Nature, Geektime and, and to publications like Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, The Southern Star, Dublin Globe among the others.

He has lately announced his most recent venture as co-founder and Editor in Chief of CryptoCoinsNews, an online magazine dedicated to the crescent world of cryptocurrencies and crypto investing.

Because of his expertise on technologies like the blockchain, his insights on fintech startups, cryptocurrencies and the tech world in general, Simon has become one of the most respected voices in the global arena. With over 98,000 followers on Twitter and 4,500 LinkedIn connections, Simon has been ranked among the most important influencers worldwide in six different lists. He is one of the global influencers to follow for fintech, blockchain, and data security and an accomplished public speaker at events like TEDx. Over the years he has brought his insights and talents all over the world, in cities like Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Helsinki.

Simon has a background in Project Management. With a Masters in Project Planning from Bradford University and a BSc in Digital Project Management from DIT, he had the chance to held roles in project management, software development and digital strategy with a number of organisations. Currently, he lectures for the Innovation Academy at DCU on online presence and strategy.

Simon is bringing to Elpis an outstanding expertise and a first-hand understanding of the multiple and diverse developments of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies. And their present and future roles in shaping the new financial landscape. Simon business acumen and relentless curiosity are a true inspiration to us at Elpis: his commitments is both a validation of our project and a challenge to pursue even harder the path of innovation, transparency, efficiency and fairness we have set out when envisioning Elpis, the first crypto-assets investment fund.

In a recent interview, Simon said: “The blockchain is a super interesting technology, and many businesses are still discovering how it can help them. This is really bleeding edge technology, and it is exciting, fascinating and really interesting to be in a place where you can see it happening, in real time, around you. With so much happening, so fast, there are no stupid questions and it is a great area to be involved in.”

At Elpis we’re as much excited as Simon is about the blockchain and the disruptive potential of technologies like AI and Machine Learning, that we are developing and leveraging to create our technology-based investment system. Simon brings to Elpis the invaluable expertise that comes from his experiences both as the founder of 4 companies and from working with a number of others as a mentor and advisor.

At Elpis we are working relentlessly to create a major impact on the financial landscape: we want to contribute in shaping it, to make it more efficient, transparent, fair. And now we are both proud and humbled by Simon’s decision to become Elpis Advisor and Board Member. As this is a step in that direction: we have the chance to contribute in shaping the new financial era together.

Welcome on board Simon!

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