this is all good to know for when Puerto Rico wants debt forgiveness.

Funny how Americans are such assholes thinking we want our debt forgiven when we only ask for the chance to restructure the debt. Funny how even thou we have voted in favor of becoming a state, the US senate wont allow us the right because is not cost effective. Funny how even thou its not cost effective America wont let us be free either cause you people like sucking us for Millions of dollars a year (which by the way is FAR MORE that what you guys give us in federal helps and shit) so before u treat us like we are good for nothing people that think they deserve everything, inform yourself as to the history of PR and how YOUR government has oppressed us, tried to make us forget our history and culture( which honestly has been somewhat accomplished considering all the ignorant people in this island that want to be part of ur shitty country ) and has abused us to the point that has brought us to this point in our history. Good day and i hope Trump wins and fucks ur life up,