El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation

It would appear that University Medical Center El Paso (UMC) controlled almost every aspect of the El Paso Children’s Hospital (EPCH). Services were provided (at inflated prices), the loading dock was controlled by UMC, much of the ancillary staff worked for UMC and the charitable foundation for the El Paso Children’s Hospital falls under the UMC umbrella. You read that correctly — The El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation is managed by the same board (EPCH Foundation Board) as the UMC Foundation (UMC Foundation Board) and has the same employees (UMC Foundation Employees, EPCH Foundation Employees).

Also, it would appear that little is done to separate the Foundations, even in their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZTDvclT_Ng

While we are sure that the staff and board are working diligently for both hospitals, how much of their work can be focused on any one hospital when they are sharing the exact same resources? If there is a grant or a function that would benefit both hospitals, how are those handled and who gets priority? Is there any part of the El Paso Children’s Hospital that UMC didn’t have its hands in?

Well, now it appears that UMC is taking steps to separate the two Foundations. In their board meeting on March 8, 2016, they had this item:

You can read the full agenda here

Does this mean that they are FINALLY separating the UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundations?Perhaps this is the first step in ensuring that the money that is donated to the El Paso Children’s Hospital STAYS with the El Paso Children’s Hospital. Would you be more willing to donate to EPCH if you knew for sure that the money wasn’t going to UMC?