The Missing Art in the Art of Music
M.G. Siegler

Vinyl is king! While at the record store in a Zen like pose you flip through the hundreds of albums one by one. It’s like being lost in time. I’ve spent hours on many visits throughout my life doing this. Carefully you make your selections, flipping the albums over, reading the back, the front, scanning the photos and the art. Placing the records on your car passenger seat and heading home directly because you don’t want to take a risk of the vinyl melting from the sun in the heated interior of the car. Inside your home, you hold your first purchase and slowly slit the cellophane with a finger nail and take a deep breath…boy howdy, does it smell good. Carefully you remove the record with the dust jacket and then read the label in the center. You move over to the turntable, placing side one up, turning your player on and slowly, carefully, put the tone arm at just the right place, the outer edge of the vinyl. Moving back to your chair, you listen, you read the liner notes and maybe burn one down with a satisfied smile on your face. That’s what music was for me 48 years ago and still is today.

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