Elrond Football NFTs

3 min readAug 5, 2022

Unique football themed crypto-project built on Elrond Network

Collect. Earn. Own.

Are you ready?

Randomly generated NFT

As the name suggests, we are talking about a soccer-themed crypto project built on the Elrond blockchain. If you are new in the crypto-world, you might be surprised to know that there are not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies in the world and each one has a different project behind it.

We chose the blockchain created by the Elrond team because it is very reliable, scalable, decentralized, fast and, perhaps most importantly for clients, transactions are very cheap.

Our project consists of two main elements: NFTs and our own cryptocurrency, the $eFOO token. Now we will talk in detail about NFTs.

Elrond Football NFTs

NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. In IT, a token is an object that provides the right to perform an operation: most of the time we are talking about an exclusive right. NFT is an intangible, digital product that is completely unique, i.e. irreplaceable.

In our case, it is a randomly generated collection of 10,000 football players.

The series includes all the teams of the Romanian League I, as well some teams from the Champions League, in order to make its offer even more colorful. Each layer that creates the NFTs is a hand-drawn work of art, and the frequency and rarity of the different layers is determined by a previously set and then randomly generated collection.

The more rarer layers that include the NFTs, make more unique and therefore more valuable.

NFT will be sold by MINT-ing, which also means that random a NFT will be purchased by the buyer. Therefore, it can be said that luck determines that someone can even get the most valuable football player NFT of the collection for just 0.2 egld.

A 10% royalty is set for NFTs, which means that in case of a new sale, 10% of the sale price belongs to the creator.

As the name of the current collection suggests (1st Gen Players), further NFT series will expand our offer. The next NFT project currently under planning/execution is the Goalkeepers NFT collection. This will mean an expansion and completion of the previous Football NFT collection, which will be mainly evident in the reward system.

The NFTs will offer a number of advantages and benefits to their owners:

· Owning the stocks of the project.

· Voting rights regarding the future of the project.

· Be part of the Elrond Football community.

· Passive incomes.

· Lifetime NFT airdrops for Elrond Football NFT holders.

· 10 x World Cup Football Tickets — Qatar Football World Cup 2022.

· Whitelist for GoadKeepers NFTs.

· Up to 50% discount for some products in the Elrond Football webmarket.

· Top owners automatically White Listed on future mintings.

· Possibility of integration in the metaverse.

In order to serve the high demand in the expanding of the NFT market, we created this complex project that serves the clients’ expectations as suitable as possible.

Using all of our team’s knowledge, we create a digital space where football lovers can own their favorite football player, team, and stadions. In addition to the benefits and advantages already mentioned above, owning an NFT also includes many new features.

● Starting date of NFT sale: 15.08.2022, 16:00 UTC

● NFT minting price: 0,2 eGLD

● NFT marketplece: XOXNO

Best regards,

Nagy Lajos, CEO at Elrond Football and the Elrond Football team.