In a few days we’re gonna flip another chapter in this undefined-end book, and perhaps many memories were created within this so called 2014. It could be your first kiss, your first achievement, or another embarassing moment, but did you ever think that how those things happened? Was it those that you strived for or something that you wanted? If it was, good for you☺ You managed to do something that doesn’t happen regularly. You did something that exceeds your comfort.

But when you think of the coming year, what can you think about? Do you have plans for the next year to develop yourself? Do you have any ideas which will you do in order to attain your dreams? Here is an example of reality check what to do for the next year.


Exactly at this same day same time last year, what were you thinking about? What are your expectations on coming 2014? What were the words coming out in your lips over and over again that will you do for the incoming year? Did you plan to change? And try to think of now, that 2014 is about to end. Where your plans for this year were been satisfied? Did you change this year for the better?


At one TED talks I’ve watched, Dan Gilbert said “At every stage of our lives we make decisions that will profoundly influence the lives of the people we’re going to become, and then when we become those people, we’re not always thrilled with the decisions we made.”

People makes decisions that they often regret on their future selves. We have this misconcepetion of the power of time that bedevils our own perception in the concept of change. We manage not to think carefully on the decisions we made, accepting the fact that what we may face, we can endure. But in the long run, the more sophisticated the choices are, we must learn how to select the best suitable for our future selves, as it if this choices paints our colorless lives. We must learn only through experience that our decisions shapes our purpose.

And only in retrospect that we manage to see that our whole choices, decisions and experiences where changed. Only in looking backwards we realize that our choices where the ones that measure our changes.

Are you willing to commit yourself on to changing?

So going back,

What do you picture yourself for the next December 2015 facing the New Year 2016? What are the plans and goals have you accomplished that you aimed for? Do you think you’ve done what you need to pursue what you want?

Let’s have a deal or an agreement that this coming year for us would be a successful year. Making our steps for our long-term goals and accomplishing our short-term goals. You who either reading this or hearing this from your mind, set plans of the next year and commit yourself to change. Learn from this years mistakes and try to use those errors on your side by learning what could have been wrong. These mistakes will help you to further get your goals done, and I know we have more mistakes there that we’ll do.


The bottom line is we have unlimited choices on a limited time. We need to find what is our purpose and what is our worth. By selecting our choices correctly we taken up responsibilities on what we want to happen for ourselves. This time we possess is just temporary for ourselves. One day you will loose that time and all you have will be regrets. You musr be ready to coup up and change, which is the only constant in this life.

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