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On Authenticity,

At the age of 20 years old, I was quite scared of doing what I want, not knowing what it has to offer for me. For I am almost out of college and I entered the wrong profession to the succeeding years of my life. Now looking in a crowd full of busy people. Different range of age and all have their meaning. It got me thinking if these people passing by follow the flow of masses. I started staring at every people I pass by, guessing if the person is simply living the life they want or are they ‘authentic’ with themselves. Some wear tux, some wear plain shirts. I see this man rushing with his bow and suitcase looking slick, yet his eyes hiding a short grief of silence. A sense of dejectedness, fill under those eyeglasses and I could say he is not authentic with his life now. I see this barista looking cheerful, enjoying what she is doing right now, making a cup of coffee for his/her customer. Looking at her eyes, shape of smile, I feel a sense of happyness for her; she’s enjoying what she is doing and she followed her passion. I can see she was authentic in herself. As I continue my pace, I saw a woman sitting alone, holding her cigarette and smoking. I could sense a feeling of distress from that woman by looking at her thin eyebrows merging under a messed couple of papers and pen, I can say she’s not authentic with what she was doing. I continue this for a few more blocks and suddenly wonder how can I tell they are living their authentic life — maybe the look in their faces with ‘contentment’, which I feel in their faces while passing by. This contentment made me realize some people go seek their ‘real’ lives rather constructing a plastic world which they can fit in, that the masses has induced. Who else did I saw like this, those with bold eyes, warm smiles? I guess my Mom, when she works and talks to people. The sense of contentment in her eyes gives her a dash of happyness, every single time. This is what I’m searching for, or maybe just afraid of the consequences if I followed my authentic life. My passion is in writing, reading, sharing words with sense, any literature stuff correct grammar, new words, adjectives. Moreover, focusing on inspiration that could be shared for people and feel authentic. I’m a computer science major, but ready to take the risk in authentic life.