Week 3- Copyright & Left

This week has been especially crazy for me. I will be out of town starting Friday and will have limited access and time to do much homework. Frankly, it also is a weekend vacation, so I would rather be as far away from homework as possible. To that, I still will be trying to at least hop on Twitter, but I had a very busy front end of this week after work in order to get everything done since I won’t be home in time to submit on Sunday. Cheers and enjoy, friends!

This week we explored the wonderful joys of copyright and fair use. Oh happy day! Although not the most exciting of topics, it is one of the utmost importance and something we encounter quite frequently in our day to day lives. We also got a nice ‘podcast’ from some past students which was very reassuring and helpful! This topic is so difficult because it is not crystal clear. There are many gray areas that are left up for legal interpretations, but at the end of the day it is just important that we are aware and seek to implement best practices as we are able.

The hypothes.is discussion at the start of the week started around Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education. This was an article that talked to the best practices for Media Literacy Education and how this is different as well from Media in Education. A subtle, but noteworthy difference. In summary, these five principles talk about guidelines for teachers to follow and what to do in certain situations. The beautiful part is that, because most of what is being done is for educational and non commercial purposes, the copyright rules are pretty flexible. Certain licenses may be required, but overall, in order for learners to learn, they need access to use and be creative with resources found in various forms. YAY.

For my Daily Create this week, I tried to create something new by following the create to put a famous statue or object in a place it doesn’t belong.

This was really hard for me. It looks easy, but I just have a hard time with all the tools and I do not have photoshop so I just did not even know where to start. This was my best attempt with what I had and incorporated an American symbol with my favorite non-American country.

This week we also learned about Creative Commons. This is a great way for people to publish and get credit for their work on the level they desire. We explored their digital story and browsed various projects under this group. I looked into Datos El Salvador as the Spanish-speaking country was of interest to me.

It was interesting to learn about something I did not even know was out there and browse through all of the various projects underway. It is so cool to stop from time to time and get out of our own worlds to just think about all the neat things other people are doing with their lives!!

Photo Cred

Last week, I made a video for my assignment, so this week I decided I would go the graphic route. I decided to go for Pictogram Pictionary and see if anybody could gueess what I had created. I tried for a very long time to make my Pictogram look as cool as other ones I have seen, but I was not able to. I think I am missing some tools, and my computer was too old of a version mac to do some of the software provided. Nevertheless, I was able to use some Pictograms to display a stereotypical vantage point of one of the coolest cities around- Boulder, Colorado.

This is a very fun assignment because everyone has such different takes on how to do it and what is considered “creative” to them. I am a very straightforward person. I wish I was able to create a more crazy Pictogram/ have an idea creative enough to do one, but no matter how long I sat there, for me visually, this was how my Pictogram looked best. Boring? Maybe to some. But it is helpful to my learning style and Pictograms are definitely something I feel like if I can practice more with, would be very beneficial in my classroom! Woop! Always love new ideas.

Finally, I did my Critique this week on “do not track”- an amazing mini documentary series put together by a group of organizations to inform people about their information on the internet. This was a great reminder and something I found incredibly informative both for me and my future students. Check out my full Critique! This is only seven short episodes long, but it is packed with all the benefits and implications of our social media and digital story usage. It is so easy to gloss over all of these things and willingly provide information to the public. It becomes addicting in many cases and only worsens the more self absorbed and stuck in our worlds we are. This ties in nicely to our theme this week, which also, is quite easy to gloss on over! :)

Overall, this week was one that was filled with important copyright and fair use information, however, it was still quite ambiguous and truly does come down to a case by case basis. There are several factors that go into it all, but with the amazing digital age we are, it is important to be proactive. Especially in a course like this, and in the new open education model, it is so important that we are both receiving and giving credit as appropriate and only utilizing the educational resources we need as teachers. I look forward to next week as take a remix on all of this!

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