How about Launch CReader 419 DIY

I received Launch CReader 419 within 10 days after I paid, it can’t be smaller and lighter, I could hold on it in my hand. I am very impressive with its running speed, it’s fast and smart.

CReader 419 is made by Launch, so it is supposed to update on Launch official site, someone said the update is useless to DIY scanner.

I use CReader 419 DIY Scanner for only 2 weeks, if any update,tested on:

Read DTCs …OK
Clear DTCs …OK
Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) …OK
Read dynamic data streams …OK
Read readiness status …OK
Read freeze frame data …OK
Read pending DTCs …OK
Read permanent DTCs …OK
Read vehicle information …OK
.Color and graphical display of data streams …OK

.Query DTCs …OK

I am very happy with Launch CReader 419, and meanwhile I highly recommend it if you are planning to own one handheld scanner for home use / personal use/ DIY user etc, because it is very cheap only €37and does what I paid for.

I got this tool from:

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