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The only thing worse than a Climate change denier is a Climate change Protagonist! While there is no doubt in my mind that climate change is occurring, I find it unconscionable to claim it is even 75% man-driven.

It seems as though temperature charts plotting population against heat would show if there is an indicator. Perhaps even a chart of CO2 vs population. But Temp vs time doesn’t seem very scientific.

I believe the change is real. I believe that people influence it. I believe that we need to be good tenants. What I don’t believe is that Mother Nature is that affected by our stupidity, and that the temperature extremes that Earth has seen in the core samples at the polar extremes and other areas indicate that hot has been much hotter, and cold has been much colder. In all of known time, we aren’t close to the extremes that have been seen even before man. How does science account for the extremes and the lack of human populations?

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