I’m learning our heroes can have a very opposite effect on us than the one usually expected. And honestly, what could I have against heroes, determinism and success? How are they even in the same sentence?

Against heroes

Take this logical statement for instance. Starting at the premise that every single human being is flawed (we are never going to be performing at our potential at any given time; the potential is a vague and ultimately indeterminable place of idealism that we can never attain in it’s very definition, so we are constantly trying to elevate our heroes to a position that is, by definition, unattainable) and that we all have tendencies towards mental fallacies (we all have emotions that skew our perception; we are not able to objectively take in the world and function as a unbiased machine as seems to be the ideal for many, and the very reason they go into self-development in the first place [I know that that was the case for myself] .) …

Sometimes life just isn’t quite up to scratch.

There are situations we want to change or don’t want to be in.

Maybe we think it is ourselves.

Maybe we blame others.

Maybe it is something we feel we can’t really change even if we wanted to.

Whatever it is, you don’t want it. Don’t like it. Don’t willingly choose it. You want it to change.

You want to make life better.

There is one thing I wish I could tell everyone who wants to make life better.

I learnt from experience. I learnt from trial and error. I also learnt through rewards and results.

Let’s face it. Results are what we want. The only thing we care about, when it all boils down to it. …

A Complete Unconscious Perception

The power of intuition is in its likeness to a sixth sense. Intuition aka the gut feeling has a way of pushing it’s voice into the realm of existence, and dropping diamonds of insight (often) without a lick of substantial evidence.

“I’m here”, it says. “I’m right, whether you know it”, it whispers. It is at this point we usually shut it down with some good common sense…

Why does the human mind turn off intuition as if it were a leaky tap? Is the faucet that has water running out of it a bad faucet? The logical mind bucks against the knowing insight of intuition. …

It’s finally arrived. You open your eyes slowly, and scan the smokey destruction scattered around you. The haze, the billows of fumes, the thick taste of chemicals on your tongue — everything is unpleasant.

There are piles of broken buildings in front of you. Old foundations now lie on the ground. You peer closer at the new mounds lying ahead, and beyond, and you recognise some of the old things that once were.

This is the end of the world.

But let’s be clear.

This is the end of your past world.

The ruin sprawled on the dirt, crumbled and destroyed, was once a part of you. It was once a belief you believed. A structure you clung to. …

There are few things as discouraging or destructive to a good life than the fake happiness and what I like to call neo-optimism that is spread far and wide in our culture today. It’s on the news, on the tips of our friends’ tongues in the form of cliches, and in our books, education and health systems.

Instead of toxic positivity, unrealistic expectations, sickly sweet flattery and “happy” lies, a more grounding approach to life is happy pessimism, realistic expectations, and a feeling of true stability.

Happy pessimism? How can this be?

What’s the opposite of fake happiness?

Happiness stems from something much more than simply thinking positively. Happiness comes to us in the moments where we are truly grateful for what we have, when we are in the moment and not stuck in the past or constantly in the future, and when our expectations of everything are at zero. We are happy when we are prepared and not disappointed, disappointment stemming from our projections and expectations of what we thought was reality. …



Elsie is an avid writer who loves exploring ways to make life better and richer. She writes self-searching articles on her website eggsareyellow.com.au.

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