DIY Natural Playground Ideas

The best and memorable things about our childhood are the ones that happen outside of our house. Well, maybe aside from the ones about our parents and loved ones too.

My point is that, while there are some things to learn indoors, there are certainly even more lessons and experiences that could be found outdoors.

That is why experts suggest that we should be letting our children go outside and have fun. And if possible, we should join them as well.

If you think that there is not much to do around your backyard or not even a playground in your neighborhood, there is always another way to achieve that fun outdoor ambiance.

Do you know about natural playgrounds? It is the kind of natural outdoor play spaces that encourages the little ones to learn, engage, and experience nature. And as for parents, it teaches them to utilize everything around them to use as natural outdoor play areas.

Here are some ideas for your DIY natural playground areas:

1. A backyard tent.

If you have enough estate for an outdoor camping, this idea could work very well for your family. Not only that it is a lot cheaper (as cost and budget are concerned), it is also safer since you are in your own backyard being able to supervise their activities or even join your kids for the fun and the experience too.

2. Some unused or old wood logs.

For those wood logs that are just lying around, you can use them as obstacles or arrange them as chairs and tables for your kids’ play time.

If you can be more creative, you can use your carpentry skill and make something out of those woods.

Like maybe build seesaws or giant Lego bricks. Your imagination is the limit, right?

3. Make fun swings.

If you have some old chairs that you’re not using anymore, why not build a swing? If there are no old chairs available then perhaps an old tire will do the trick. Make sure to use a strong and reliable chain or a rope for the children’s safety.

4. Build a tree house.

One of my most delightful memories as a child is having my very own tree house in the backyard. I think most people love the idea of a tree house.

For me, this is one of the must-haves for kids. If you have enough estate and also a sturdy tree in your backyard, this is going to make your children very happy.

5. A zip line.

Since we are talking about a tree house, why not add a zip line from there. Just make sure to use the most reliable materials like rope, the part where kids can hold onto, and some sort of cushion in case the kids would let go or fall off the ropes.

And also, try not to place it too high. A couple of inch over their heads will do just fine.

6. A chalkboard fence.

If you’re not so fond of the kids drawing chalkboards inside the house then this might be the answer for you.

Make them a chalkboard in one part of your fence, with trees if possible, so they will have a designated area for this kind of activity. If there are no available trees, then perhaps you can set up a tarpaulin cover above their area against sunlight or even rain.