What to Do at a Pub Alone?

It just happens that all your friends are busy somewhere and they forgot to invite you. Or perhaps, you got invited but you just don’t feel it in you to come with them, probably because of the dull ambiance of their destination or you simply just want to go out alone tonight to a public house and waste away.

Well, there is nothing weird or wrong with going out alone (keep telling that to yourself until it feels right). Sometimes, it’s just a prerogative that we need to enjoy every now and then.

I myself do it often. I go out to treat myself as a reward and find local pubs to eat near me. Fortunately, there are many public houses near my location. So, I don’t really need to spend most of my time to be with friends. And here are some of the reasons why:

1. Drink alone and look the interesting part.

Have you ever heard or read somewhere about the quote, “Dating is a numbers game”? In case you don’t get the message, being alone in a bar gives you a higher chance of getting noticed by opposite sex.

Also, without your friends, you have no rival for attention from your prospect partner for the night. Not to mention that no one will block any of your suave moves.

2. Unwind.

Sometimes there is no need for good reasons to be alone but just getting a clear mind and be rid of distractions.

To those who prefer being in public but want to have an alone time like reading a book or just drinking and have a pint or three until you have rested your mind, the pub is your best choice. Just choose the right one that will serve your mood.

3. Sit at a bar and order something decent.

For those who want some thrill or a little bit of flavor for their night, go alone to a public house and head straight to the bar and never at a table.

Order your choice of drink — something respectable — and wait for someone to sidle next to you.

A word of advice, always befriend the bartender. In case the first person that sits next to you and makes a move is not your type, you would want the bartender to be on your side.

4. Do things that you enjoy when you’re alone.

Having a company when going out makes you compromise so that the other person could enjoy as well. But how about the times when you’re feeling upbeat but you know that your company will not like it? There’s the dilemma now.

Being alone can give you freedom on whatever it is that you have in mind that you plan to do. At best, you can be spontaneous as much as possible. The only boundary that you will ever have to submit to is the hour of getting back home.

Keep in mind that sometimes, we need to be alone so we could focus more on ourselves. Plus, experts said that alone-time is healthy too.