354 days of workout — for a perfect wedding

Yesterday I decided to start my project of “one hour a day” workout before my wedding on May 27, 2017. I will do whatever I can to keep excising at least 1 hour a day to build a better figure for the wedding. Per my scales this morning, I am 115.4 lb and have 22.2% body fat. I’m 5'5'’ by the way. I know all numbers look just right, but I’m still doing the project anyway because 1) I don’t really trust my scales (it is a digital scales and every time I’m on it, it has slightly different numbers); and 2) it worth the effort anyway. I will definitely feel stronger and look better on my wedding, and it will benefit my later life.

My gym membership expired last month, and since I am moving to Boston before August (to start a new life! Yeah!!) , I will mostly follow the XHIT on YouTube for now. It is really important to warm up (11 mins) and stretch (18 mins) properly to maximize the result and avoid injury, so it leaves me only 30 minutes to deal with the real hard work. So I believe my project is feasible, and won’t make me fatigue.

I have arms/abs, core, and legs/hip on my table, so I will go a arms/abs-core-legs/hip-whole body-arms/abs-core-legs/hip circle. Just in case I will be traveling or I don’t feel good, I will have yoga and jogging as back-ups.

And why 354 days? It is how much time I got before my wedding. I know it doesn’t sound perfect, but that’s life, isn’t it? We can’t just wait for a good number and don’t do anything before that. So, start anyway!

I will update my blog everyday to report how is my project going, and maybe some life thoughts as well. However, I don’t think I will write much every time. I already schedule myself 1 hour workout a day, and 30 minutes of French learning, and AT LEAST 30 minutes bible study/praying time, and I have to WORK, so I can’t afford another 30 minutes for so just to make my blog looking better. But, I promise I will write honesty and sincerely each time.

Okay, enough for today. Something short of my project today: I worked out from 8–9am, with 11 minutes warm up, 3 times of “abs and upper body (9 minutes)” and finished up with the 18 minutes stretch. I did feel pain/sour, but that was the time my muscle is growing!

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