Breaking Boundaries… with Gemi Sakinu Z

Without going into details and thus making matters worse, I heard from Gemi about some troubles online. He was getting very personal and creepy messages from a stranger who found him online. It can be so unsettling, even a little scary, and the same has been happening to me since I started Elska.

​I guess some people don’t realise that I’m just a guy. Every two months I go to some city, meet some boys and take their pics. Then I process them and paste them onto a PDF that I send to a printer. It’s not like I’m the editor of “Vogue” or something, but I’ve started to attract some weird people.

A few months ago a guy followed me on Twitter and messaged me that he’d like to meet up. I declined because he was a stranger. Now and again he’d message me to try to convince me, one time even sending me a list of other people he met on Twitter and encouraging me to contact them as references. I almost softened but finally gave a definitive “no, never” and he then reacted by launching a tirade asking his friends to block Elska Magazine on Twitter.

Then last week I got a message on Facebook, also from someone I’d never met, saying “I want what you have… you are rich and successful.” I responded with an “lol and explained like I did above that I’m just a regular guy.” He repeated it again and again until I said finally “what do you want me to say?” His next response was “I want you to suck my fat cock.” Bizarre.

Then most recently there was a guy who’d seen me handing out Elska flyers in a bar and then messaged me on Grindr to tell me how ugly I was and how astonished he was that these hot guys would let someone like me photograph them. Why did he feel the need to tell me this?

It’s times like these that I want to crawl underground, but I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing. I’m just going to have to find a way to grow a thicker skin. Or just learn to accept that the world is full of nutters and just to pay no mindOriginally published at

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