swift3 限制text field只能輸入3個字,無法輸入第4個字(利用到繼承UITextFieldDelegate的方法shouldChangeCharactersIn)

(一) first step inherit the protocol UITextFieldDelegate , then implement the shouldChangeCharactersIn function
 (二) Testview has a property delegate , need to assign “View controller ” as agent


(replacementString string )
 if string != “” , mean if you input a…z or numbers is ok ,string will has “Value”,but if you press the keyboard “delete” button ,string will become empty

(四)why i need to plus 1 in testview.text!.characters.count ??
 A: when execute the function shouldChangeCharactersIn will first get testview.text!.characters.count = 0 because function shouldChangeCharactersIn has not done yet ,so textview will not show the character until loop “return” ,then textview finally show the character(like: a or 1)

(五)what deferent in return True or False in function shouldChangeCharactersIn ?

  1. if true mean -> you will alow to change the textview.text
  2. if false mean -> you will not alow to change the textview.text

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