I am Haunted By Words (A tribute to my mourning mind)

No matter how long I cry,

No matter how hard I try,

I still can’t get away from you.

(I am Haunted by Words).

Your fire burns me with fury,

Your ice incites sorrow and worry,

But surely,

You don’t mean it.

(I am Haunted by Words).

Is it an addiction? A curse? A crime?

That I always fall back to you–why not just lie?

I hate you,


(I am Haunted by Words).

You’re the force that rips me,

Like a wilting flower, pummeled by the rain,

I age, I crumble, I die.


(I am Haunted by Words).

But you inspire me,

And mend me.

Irises sparkle with longing and gleam with delight.

It’s ecstasy,

My tempting glass of wine.

(I am Haunted by Words).

My world scatters, to and fro,

Though still, I don’t know,

Which road I’m supposed to go.

I love you,


(I am Haunted by Words).

**originally posted on my blog**

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