Step by step to “Start the path as an Art Director” by Jonathan Ramírez, Creative Director of VMLY&R Colombia

Understanding this profile in advertising by @jramirezce is easier than it seems, because it gives us different paths to choose from and by this I mean all the ways we have to develop in this beautiful career.

The first thing : Be in constant learning and be receptive to real time, since we are in a moment where everything is updated without realizing it. Whoever wants to stand out must move just as fast, for that there are many platforms that allow us to study and improve our skills. Here you can find my Art Direction Course

The second thing : I dare say that this point comes from the hand of proactivity and is very important because it will lead us to meet great colleagues, learn from masters in the industry and it may even take us a few extra hours of work, but it will be worth it. shame because we will see it reflected in our portfolio, along with the experience we acquire over time. So we just have to identify that group of creatives that is always looking to turn insight , unite without fear of telling our ideas and surely the magic comes with a little patience.

The third : It is an invitation to leave advertising to start exploring other industries, I am talking about: cinema, commerce, art, tourism and everything that can become experiences that enrich our creativity. It is essential to put ourselves in the shoes of others, in this way we will find insights and behaviors that we look for all the time in front of the computer, however, to achieve this we must change our way of observing things, stop being a spectator and start to admire them with more critical eyes, in which we analyze and are aware of what is happening, as a result many more ideas will come. Please check some of my jobs following this link

The fourth thing : It can be the most inspiring of all, because it is the great reason for getting up daily to find that brief that will take us to the Côte d’Azur. What I mean is: let’s participate in all the festivals that come our way, obviously, that are within our skills and within our economic capacity. If we search on Google, we will find all kinds of festivals for creatives, art directors, writers, illustrators, photographers, etc. This will bring us a lot of learning and criteria when throwing an idea.

The fifth and last thing : Personally it is the most important, because this is a space that I look for every Sunday when I go to play soccer and I completely disconnect from everything.

Hobbies works very well for me, this allows me to rest from those four previous points and when I go back to work I feel recharged, to continue building on what I have been working on.

I believe that effort and attitude make our career as creatives and art directors rewarded with great friends, learning and job success.

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