Memes and Their Reach

Elton Girard
Jun 26 · 2 min read

With the current era of technology, a lot of things have changed within the last two decades alone. Heck, social media has completely transformed a lot of things in just the past ten years. Dialing the clock back 20 years would likely put an entire generation in the dark ages, not knowing what to do with their time or how to cope without smart phones, high tech video games, and the current speed of the Internet.

One thing that’s led to a complete transformation in how we speak and text is memes.

You see, memes weren’t necessarily deemed as memes until a handful or so years ago. I recall browsing the internet every single day back in 2008 and never having heard of the word, so it’s definitely happened in the past decade.

One type of meme I’m sure you’re aware of is animals doing weird or unnatural things. And one of those is Maru, the cat that loves diving into cardboard boxes. I’m not exactly sure why this cat loves packaging supplies as much as it does, but the Japanese furball absolutely adores new boxes, especially if they’re weirdly shaped, especially small, or just differently colored or sized.

The fact that these sorts of animals and activities and whatnot become a thing on the Internet is crazy to me. Why does it happen? That’s beyond me, but the Internet absolutely loves things that are cute and things that are out of the ordinary. If you happen to capture footage or an image of either of these things, well, the content is bound to go viral in some aspect.

So, the next time you’re looking to score a boat load of fake Internet points, just go take a picture or video of your pet interacting with shipping supplies such as boxes or bubble wrap and post it online. The next thing you know, the post has over a million views and everyone thinks it’s hilarious.

Or at least that’s how things started with Maru and his owner. Things start to become saturated, so you’ll have to brew up the “next big thing” that no one has ever seen before if you want your content to make it big and spread far and wide. Of course, some of you may not care that much about this sort of stuff, but sharing funny or interesting things with the rest of the world is definitely something that appeals to most of humanity these days.