Some cool Designs

personal apps review

DDOT Washington DC

This App is called DDOT (The District Department of Transportation) is one of the most elaborated multimodal of transportation systems in the USA. Residents, commuters, and visitors can use cars transit taxis bicycles and the ped-walk network to assess goods and services throughout the district.

The graphic design of this App is perfect: the colours, the pictures, the font, mazing User Interface. Also, it reminds me the graphic of spy movies where the villains are following the agents on GPS maps with high technology.


Blank is a reliable shopping service App for our spare time. There is a perfect UI interaction, multiple pages and services. The cartoonish style and colourful images catch our attention.

Like other spare time App (Facebook, Instagram etc…) the loud colourful design of Blank is so enjoyable that it keeps the user on the screen for more time than initially intended.

Eight App

Eight App launched in 2014, is the first technology-based sleep-tracking company without a wearable device. Its device senses and analyses data such as breathing rate, slept hours, and bed warming to maximise comfort while sleeping.

The design is quite easy, not original but still efficient (similar to iOS graphic or mostly fitness Apps). The simple font, the minimal design on a dark background generates an elegant visual. Simplicity at its best.

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