The Longest Drive — “Locke”

Boring or amusement. We could not decide what our feelings were over the film Locke. A film which tells the story of contractor Ivan Locke, a complicated man with complicated decisions, through phone calls. Sounds dramatic? well. . . this plot isn’t even close to the overacted drama surrounding the story.


Literally, this movie depicts a man making phone calls while he is driving overnight to London. If we put it that way, the movie sounds boring-it wasn’t…most of the time; but, what kept us so intrigued, alluring us to watch the film from the beginning to end was the intensity built from the setting of the entire plot.

The movie starts slow. We get to know the current situation of Ivan through phone calls; we never see the face of the person at the other line. We only see the facial expression of the protagonist when he reacts to the bad news from his coworker, his wife, his oldest son and an almost-giving-birth-booty call.

Basically, we listen how his world is tearing down apart slowly while he driving to a hospital where his ‘mistress’ will conceive an unplanned child. The guilt caused from his previous mistakes pretty much generates the plot…that’s the movie. It’s impressive that with so few elements framed on the lens, a plot like the one created in Locke could be made. The interesting aspects-lighting, setting, background, sound, etc-to create this film… those are the details that made this movie worth watching; cinematographically speaking, this film presented a unique way to tell the story of man using just one phone, one man, several voices, and a long drive.

If you are tired of action and want to lay back, possibly with a beer, with a few friends, this movie acts almost like a podcast. You can listen to this film to appreciate it. That’s all you have to do. A visual fictional podcast. We give this film a 6/10.

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