For the last 50 years he’s been writing non-stop, having reviewed around 15000 albums. And as he says “it’s too late to stop now”.

Artwork: Katerina Karali

He proclaims himself with no shyness “the dean of american rock critics”. And though it sounds arrogant, he rightfully deserves the title. Robert Christgau along with Lester Bangs and Greil Marcus, starting in the 60s, and they are considered to be “the holy trinity” of rock ctitics ever since. If Lester Bangs achieved that through gonzo temperament and Greil Marcus with an exemplary analytical and detailed writing, Robert Christgau distinguished himself from the rest for his…

He began with his viola from Wales, wrote history in New York with The Velvet Underground and continued his solo career, proving that, avant-garde is taking a glance back while gazing forward.

“It doesn’t matter if some information is repeated. I mean, repetition is good, let’s not forget. Burroughs used to repeat parts in his texts and I think Andy used repetition, didn’t he?”. This is one of the very first lines someone will come across in John Cale’s autobiography, What’s Welsh for Zen (John Cale, Victor Bockris, with exemplary illustration by Dave McKean, Bloomsburg, 1999). The Welsh musician that…

How did saxophone’s gentle giant had his commercial breakthrough, counting almost as a pop star? Leonidas Antonopoulos, Thanasis Minas and Nikos Fotakis help with the answer.

Artwork: Katerina Karali

He looks massive and towering. A striking tall guy. Afro hair, intense gaze, colored dashikis and sneakers, complete his image. Oh wait, there’s something more. His sceptre, his golden tenor saxophone that he holds with his hands full of big impressive rings.

From the very beginning, the image of Kamasi Washington -a once session saxophonist who’s popularity rises day by day, this jazz musician who now appears in the most unexpected places- almost looks…

Τhree music editors helps us with the question “is it vindication time for pop?” Story by Eleni Tzannatou.

Artwork by Katerina Karali

Τhe comparison of the following is almost inevitable.

Kendrick Lamar wins in 2018 the Pulitzer Prize for music, becoming the first non-classical or jazz artist to collect the award. Ηe emerged from hip-hop, a music genre miles away from the “academic” area.

In 2016, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in literature, becoming the first musician (with the exception of the Indus Rabindranath Tagore, who received the prize in 1913!) …

The most literary greek post-punk debut released.

Photo: Aggeliki Mourtzouhou

Briefly: Independently released debut from the noisy athenian quartet.

It blew our minds: The cover’s spray releases about the same brave portion of existential suffocation as the one in Philip K. Dick’s novel by the same name. Musically, the manifold of influences is obvious: the post punk backbone gets bogged down with heavy, frenzy guitars that at moments sound marginally psychedelic, with drums and bass standing imperiously -and with the later bringing in mind a heavier version of Peter Hook. …

A rainy noon in the center of Athens, Eleanor Friedberger talked about escapism that brings her from USA to Greece again and again, the country where she has found the place she wants to die.

Photos: Andreas Simopoulos/FOSPHOTOS

On her ID “Eleanor Friedberger” is written, 40 years old, long brown hair, warmly dressed, she embarks in New York, she disembarks in Athens. She lives in a flat in Exarcheia and at a Monday noon, she walks a few blocks and enters a small jazz café where Prelude, Op. 28, sounds, the prelude of suffocation, as Chopin himself called it. I…

Ten years after the loss of the great auteur that walked down his own path in greek cinema, a sweet bunch of his own people remember moments of life by his side. Full of tenderness, love and nostalgia.

“I only talk when I have something to say. Then, I’m very lazy. I guess I’m more creative with my laziness”. It seems almost unthinkable that this quote comes from Nikos Nikolaidis, a man that was always creatively restless. A man that, with his cinematic gaze, talking about himself, he managed to talk about all the misfits of the regime change era…

We talked with concert promoters, music journalists and record companies, seeking the answer to the question that has been playing on the minds of the greek audience for the last 17 years, ever since those nights at Lycabettus Theater.

There are probably quite a few souls that still have them. Possibly NOT in mint condition. Those “magic” ticket stubs from the 2000 Radiohead concert that took place at the open air theatre atop Lucabettus, three years after the bombastic release of Ok Computer and a few months before the band veered into a completely new direction with KID A.


First row from top left to right: Penny Baltatzi (Someone Who Isn’t Me), Daphne Lazou (Daphne and the Fuzz), Anna Papathanasiou (Puta Volcano), Katerina Papachristou (Tango With Lions). Second row from bottom left to right: Emily Papatheochari (Emi Path), Sofia Sarri, Lamprini Grigoriadou (Million Hollers), Nefeli Liouta (Nefeli Walking Undercover), Irini Pappas (Allochiria). Collage: Katerina Karali

Ten young female Greek musicians talk about their experience and sexism in the local music industry.

History has shown that women have had to try a bit more to succeed in the music industry, just like in every other field. From the almost doll-like set-up of girl groups such as the Shangri-Las back in the ’60s, to duets such as the couple of Ike and Tina Turner -where Tina’s seemingly strong image hid the abuse by her husband- it has been manifested that it is not all rosy.

However, along the way, women managed to become dominant singers and songwriters (Joni Mitchell), rock ’n’ roll poets (Patti Smith), and even got to the riot grrrl movement…

Eleni Tzannatou

Journalist, spending her life between the chaos of sound and the chaos of words and everything that lays between them.

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