How to get e-luk membership and be a part of lottery system

The lottery business has been seen in a negative light for a very long time. What the majority of people don’t know is that they have been helping a huge number of peopleall over the world by funding projects and supporting different charitable institutions.To get e-luk membership read the following and be a part of lottery system.


Membership is open only to UK residents aged 18 or over. In case, we get to know that you are not a UK inhabitant or are aged under 18 then we have all authority to cancel your enrollment immediately. We will refund your membership fee for your current Syndicate, but you won’t be qualified for any prize cash from that Syndicate.


Payment of the membership fee

To become an e-LUK member and join a Syndicate as detailed above, you should pay the membership fee on the 1stday of every month in order to participate in the Syndicate starting on the 15th day of that month. Your membership fee covers the purchase of lottery tickets by us on your behalf and our administrative costs in connection with each Syndicate.You can go through e-luk review if you have any doubt in your mind regarding e-luk lottery.

We will deduct your membership fee using your preferredpayment method, as indicated by you when you joined to become an e-LUK member (either by direct debit from your bank account or by regular payment from your credit card). You should guarantee that the details you have given us are correct, that you have the permission of any other person named on the account and inform us if any of your details change.

Changes to the membership fee

We will notify you of your membership fee before you become a member of e-LUK. We won’t change your membership fee before you have played at least three Syndicates. After that period, we may increase your membership fee at any time by giving you at leastsix weekswritten notice. If you are not happy with any progressions to membership fee you can cancel your membership as per the “Cancelation of membership by you and minimummembership period”.

Find out neutral e-luk reviews on website where you will be able to find genuine experiences of clients with their respective lottery syndicates or organizers.

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