the large finger

Bunmi was dating Muammar, he was your text book bad boy. Rumoured to be a cultist, 2nd year Law student and there was i guess something alluring about those types. The way I saw it there was no way their relationship was going anywhere but of course there was no need telling her that. They never listen not to mention we were in our 1st year, so what did I know.
And then there was Seun, he was everything good in the world. I could not understand why she won't be with him instead. He was in his final year, 1st class student, gave tutorials, was kind, generous and had his own office. He unlike Muammar wanted to marry her was surely more responsible in looks and friends he kept . That's the type of man I would have gone for if I had half the attention she was getting.

As he drooled over Bunmi I was stuck here comforting him everyday he saw her with Muammar. She would rub his head he will buy her food then she will jet off with the man of her dreams and it was all sad really. I hated to see people suffer, worse still pure hearts like Seun.
Not to mention he was a good friend to me. We were four friends and they all seemed to understand the heart break dynamic and I did not, they were all unphased by the saddness in Seuns eyes everytime Bunmi had on a new weave, wore her nicest leggings and zoomed off as she waved Seun who was stuck deep in the friend zone.

One particular night after night class we stopped by his office and so he gisted us of school politics and old university tales ; we laughed and ate everyone was happy. Till the call came for Bunmi to jet off to be with her man. The tempo fell from there sk the girls all got up to head back to the hostel but I did not. I wanted to be there for him. 
So we sat on the floor and talked and talked, till he started to cry. I'd never seen a grown man cry. I patted his back and felt his pain until I felt something else.
I wasn't exactly certain what it was until I was sure. So I gently removed his hand from my leg and said to him "no please" but he persisted and my reaction was the same. I was gentle assuming the grief got the best of him. Rather than being jolted to his senses he became rough and forceful until it became a struggle. I tried to get up but he pinned me to the ground. I was trembling and nothing I did as quite good enough to get my self out. First it was anger and so i tried to use that forceful voice to say "what in Gods name do you think you're doing?"
Then it became fear as I noticed my strength was nothing compared to his. 
I wore a long flowing gown and he was somehow tugging at my underwear while using his body weight to put me down. His penis so easily came out of his trousers and before I saw that I was trying to be strong and reason with my friend. .I started to yell, I begged him "please Seun please. Don't do this! I have never done this before please!" My heart was pounding and snot was shooting out of my nostrils. This couldn't be my 1st time. He can't possibly steal this from me i thought as i fought begged and screamed. I had no coordination but I tried really hard to fight! I managed to turn over to my behind, trying to keep my legs as shot as possible as i struggled with my arms from a drones view i must have looked like i was swimming as I started accepting I won't win this fight.

And then the lights went out, it was pitch black everywhere. God must have been punishing me for something, I had no idea what the time was and all i could wonder was why me? Why he would do this to me. 
I felt something like a large finger poke my bum twice and then it just stopped.
My brain worked fast enough to see the space and so i took it and ran! Ran till I got to the door of my hostel. 
Then I stopped and cried and cried somemore as with all I had I cried!