Lyric Assignment: Draft 1

1. My first kiss

My first touch

My first everything

Broken with no repair

A slight crack in the rock

Shattered to a million pebbles

Overwhelming yet underwhelming all at once

A feeling of loss I cannot understand

A feeling of heartbreak I hold in my hand

Black paint dripping on my fingers

I can’t seem to grasp it or wipe it away

But it stains me

Black and toxic

2. Day one, two, and three all the same

Ten, eleven, twelve nothing’s changed

The same thoughts

The same tears

The same darkness

My calendar reminds me of events, birthdays, and due dates

I turn my phone over to escape reality

No good excuses for myself

My homework stares at me from my shelf

I try and try and try but cannot seem to escape the harsh reality

That is my life

I am the only one that can help myself,

But how can I help myself when I don’t know where to begin?

3. The shock hits my toes first and travels up my body

Each hair standing at attention

Waiting for me to make my next move

Now or never, time to make a decision

Take the plunge or return to safety

The waves tease my ankles then run away

Taunting me to follow them

My breath is stolen right from my chest

Muscles contract

I emerge for air and ease into the reality of the moment

The water hugs every inch of my body

Pushing me and pulling me until I reduce to just

A body of organs in a body of water

4. Years of training, countless courses and certifications

For what

Struggling for air, frozen in my stance

My mind has never been clearer

And at the worst time

Chaos and panic fills the room

Everyone waiting on me

Her body shakes on the floor

Eyes rolling backwards

Body twitching forwards

I know what I am supposed to do, so why

Why can’t I help her?

Something, I just need to do something

Why is he putting that in between her teeth?

That’s not right

I have to do something if I want this girl to live

I grab the blanket from behind my chair and reach for her head

It’s not too late

5. The sweetest wakeup call

The stench of liver and venison on his breath repels me

But how can I push away the love he is offering

My heat source, my pillow, my compost bin

My friend, my foe, my everything

Purest form of innocence I know resting on my lap

Almond eyes gazing up at me waiting for more

More love, more treats, more time

Giving me everything and expecting nothing in return

A different kind of love



6. You don’t realize your attachment until it’s gone

Stolen from me against my will

I knew it wouldn’t last forever but never expected it to disappear so soon

The first sign that the treatments are my newest reality

Chemicals pumping through my veins killing off my character

Stealing my identity one strand at a time

The villain I can’t seem to rid

The life I live is no longer my own

It belongs to a part of me I don’t want to know

Out of sight but never out of mind

Altering my appearance so that I have no individuality left to hold on to

7. The swell of the crowd and the power of the music

Reckless teens swaying and shoeless,

Flannels, ball caps, jean shorts and boots

Partiers of all ages in a field letting loose

Alcohol sending me into a state of bliss

Not realizing all of the moments I’d miss

Ignoring society’s wars and strife

Unknowingly creating memories for life

Hick town fans fall into line

Ignoring the stars, creating their own shine

8. Iodoform clinging onto my nose hairs

Somber faces passing on the stairs

One room of laughter is overshadowed by

Countless rooms of cries

Identities stripped away by hospital gowns

Exposed and bare with permanent frowns

The cool surface of the stainless steel

The bland taste of




I climb onto the stretcher and they wheel me to the operating room

Despite the bright lights, it is filled with gloom

I settle in and stare at the instruments on the table

Scalpels and tongs

Every utensil placed where it belongs

I force my eyes shut and

Try not to think about the scalpel’s cut

9. Sweaty teens swaying to the beat

Mixing drinks and stumbling over their own feet

He walks in and catches my eye

Haven’t smoked a thing but he’s got me feeling high

Parting the sea with each stride

He glanced in my direction and our eyes collide

Deep sea blue with a sparkle of green around the pupil

So heart wrenchingly cruel

Without a touch I can imagine the softness of his skin against mine

He flashes me a smile and it must be a sign

I pour myself another glass and try to act cool

Flipping my hair and leaning against a stool

Scary to think

All of these thoughts provoked by a drink

10. A list of things that bring peace: