I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too
Alicen Grey

This is the dumbest most vile crap. You should care about others people’ s problems because of your common struggle with them. Also this piece has politics of revenge written all over it, very man hating, with insulting tone language included, and takes no warning from history about those pitfalls (maoism for example). The analogies with race are exactly backward, white supremacy does hurt white people- through class for example, and that is why whites should oppose it. If it didn’t, they shouldn’t and will never oppose it. And class isn’t comparable to gender or race anyway. Nobody wants the destruction of women for example, but the class struggle is for the destruction of class. Declaring things patriarchal doesn’t make them so. But anyone who thinks you should shut up and not fight for your own interests, and join that fight with others who have a different and even worse experience, doesn’t understand actual social movements, nor do they want to. They are bitter people who feel bullied and want to establish a space where they can be the bully, or at least have permission to engage in ad hominem and other antics that would otherwise not be praiseworthy or just find their “scene”. This is one of the reasons why most women are not feminists.

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