“I didn’t expect your voice to sound like this…”

Jan 2, 2019 · 6 min read

Is anyone familiar with the musical, The Phantom of the Opera?

It tells the story of the Phantom and Raoul falling in love with Christine Daeé because of her voice, and it is the musical that inspired me to practice musical theatre, and I always wondered, why don’t things like that happen in real life?

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Fun fact: I’ve watched The Phantom of The Opera live on Broadway *8 times*. (Source: Broadway World)


Popular dating apps consistently build around one certain narrative: they resemble real-life human experiences. You meet someone, see their face, start conversations, then either develop a kind of relationship, or move on. However, in those apps, one key element of real-life interaction is missing: you can’t hear the other person, and that brought forward a few problems in dating apps.

After conducting polls and interviews with more than 50 participants, I condensed the results into a few main points:

“I didn’t expect your voice to sound like this…”

“It’s all about looks.”

“We don’t talk anymore.”

Prototype Version 1.0

After conducting interviews and designing a low fidelity prototype, I made this animated interactive prototype in Sketch and Flinto, and here are the solutions I came up with in response to the problems.

Problem: “I didn’t expect your voice to sound like this…”

Problem: “It’s all about looks.”

Problem: “We don’t talk anymore.”

User Testing and Feedback

“I don’t feel safe or comfortable “liking” someone who I can’t see.”

“I don’t know how to introduce myself.”

“Does this app auto-play profile message?”

“I really don’t care about voice/the set up process is too complicated”

“The blog-looking layout is nice but…”

Prototype Version 2.0

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Sign in

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Profile message

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Questions as conversation starters

Countdown before auto-playing profiles

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Blurred profile picture becomes clearer as the profile message plays

Like/dislike buttons become activated after 5 seconds

Sending voice messages before matching

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Voice messages only

Non-featured profile photos are revealed gradually

Challenges & Next Steps

Currently, I am building the minimal viable product as a one-person team. If you are interested in hearing more about, it or you are an iOS developer and want to work on it together, feel free to shoot me an email at elvin_hu (at) outlook (dot) com!

Thank you for reading! For more projects like this, stay tuned for future articles or visit my portfolio site at https://www.elvin-hu.com 🎉 Currently I am looking for an internship opportunity for Summer 2019, if you are either hiring for your team or just wanna chat about design, don’t hesitate to reach out 😊

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