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My First Book Project: ‘RUN, ELVIN’

Crafting — Ideas for my book project

Working as an Intern in the Advancement Office helped me to find out my true passion. It all happened in a click of a second. On May 22nd, 2018, my intern colleague and I, received an invitation to attend a lunch meeting that featured a key note speaker From CTV News Anchor to Global Humanitarian.

I was eager to listen to Kathy’s story of 10 years of experience working in Non-Profit sector because this is what I thought my academic goals and career aspirations are leading me to. Her talk reflected almost on my life experiences growing up in refugee camps across different countries in Africa. I was assured that my experiences and the stories I carried with me were deep and worthy exploring. I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and began working on my first book project. Since then, this project has kept me up more nights reflecting, drafting, writing every single idea and memory that cross my mind hoping to achieve a well-documented book.

A few weeks letter, I received a second invitation to attend a similar type of event. this time the invited Key Note speaker was Prof. Richard McLaren. Prof. McLaren Anti-Doping investigation made headlines all over Canada, but also, shook the world of Olympics in different parts of the world. As I write my book it’s still a big topic out here. I was excited about this opportunity to listen to his story, investigations and discoveries on Russia’s doping practices amongst Russian’s Olympic Athletes. His courage to expose all these impunities that have been eating to the roots of Olympic sports amazed me. It takes courage to go against a such powerful country.