What have I gained through my Summer internship

Through the course of this internship:

I gained a broad understanding of institutional advancement through my work with the development department involved in or supporting fundraising and alumni engagement. I have developed a deeper understanding of who I aspire to be professionally and how to grow into that role through peer-to-peer coaching and interaction with my senior leadership. I understand that career development is a process that grows with a lifetime experience and while I stay open to learn more, I have achieved an appreciation for diversity and inclusion, leadership development, communication skills, and teamwork. I have enjoyed a close-knit and supportive community of fellow interns. Another compelling experience interning with the Advancement Office, are the people I met. I built relationships with peers and colleagues that I instantly knew would last a lifetime. We were all bonded by the fact that we shared the same passion for advancing higher education. That passion I saw in all of us is why I am truly excited to see how we will impact the future of this profession.