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My Summer Internship Experience

I have learned more about philanthropy through my experience working at Huron. I have appreciated the impact of bursaries and scholarships student’s campus life experience. are awarded as way to recognize the efforts of all committed, hard-working, and improving students who were doing well academically, but also those who were contributing to create a better (diverse and inclusive) and welcoming campus space for everyone. Another part of the funds was given to support student register in the work study programs with the University. Other bursaries and scholarships awarded to students based on their financial needs. This serves to reduce all the financial stress and helped these students to keep focused on their studies and work hard to enhance their college student experience while giving back to the community.

On a large scale, The Advancement Internship taught me all that I know about conducting myself in the workplace and how to be effective in all that I do within whatever career path that I choose. I have learned how to present myself and how to actually embody my career and make it part of my life instead of it being just a “job.”Scholarship recipients learn specific subject matter, they learn the importance of philanthropy and giving back. I have concluded that that without the kindness of others, the road to a degree would likely have been much more difficult to most students. I hope this sentiment continues to grow in me through life so that I at some point in life I can find ways to donate to bursaries and scholarships in the future.