2017: What I felt and learned

I did not really recall what I felt and think when I entered 2017, no excitement, no goals, nothing and being in the last day of 2017 my conclusion is one, it is blunt! 2017 was like the bad whiskey that you had and regretted the very next day, it was tasteless, head-spinning, and gut-wrenching kind of whiskey. So here are the few things that I felt and learned from the bad whiskey

I felt overwhelmed throughout 2017

I felt sky-high and valley-low in a matter of days

I felt super tired of doing the same thing

I felt down by someone else’s words

I felt happy that a friend settle down (finally)

I felt happy to meet old faces

I felt scared for myself

I felt very distance from God

I felt sad to know something but don’t do anything about it

I felt excited to meet new people

I felt excited with the possibilities

I felt proud of work well-done (yeay)

I felt proud of having worked in P&G

I felt like shit for re-schedulling my holiday 3 times and ended-up did not go

I felt stale with life

I felt that i need to respect myself more

I felt… that I need to change

I learned that I can learn “real new things”

I learned INSTAGRAM!

I learned that Awkarin is getting cooler

I learned that is not worth-it

I learned that despite everything, I love big campaigns

I learned of something that I don’t want to become in life

I learned that there are alot of (wo)man-child

I learned that proud people don’t listen

I learned that I can make & deliver good speech!

I learned that I want to respond in kind

I learned that renovating your room is helpful for better sleep :)

I learned and acknowledge that DIET is the key, not exercise!

I learned that I could act like a real cold-blodded bastardo to people

I learned that YouTube is the “presents”

I learned that Peppa Pig is bad for children

I learned that alot of people cannot stay monogamous

I learned that OPPO is worth-it, but Google Pixel still the best!

I learned that people can really change (for the better)

I intentionally don’t want to break it down as who would’ve want to remember in detail the night of bad-whiskey. But one thing remained: I learned alot for the past 30 years, 2018 will be the year of teaching.

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