I'm possible

I’m possible dawned 7 days after celebrating my birthday.That was on November 30th 2016.Good gracious Lord had mercy on me and I begun rejoicing like a person who had been visited by Santa on a Christmas Eve.

Bright and early woke up at around 5:30 Am,without even putting my bed its proper order,jumped into the frogs Kingdom,ensured that I had to stay fresh all day long.She was home that day at 6:04 am-Laura threw me into a mixed reaction of what!Super surprised why she had to be home early than before.

Alas!I thought thou that she had come to accompany me to my big day but that was not the case.We charted for little bit like half an hour before I could aboard a bus to School.

Shook her off with all her nitty gritty.

However that was just to happen so fast with a promise that all was going to be fine.I had high hopes that God would do what deems best to her.


It all rented the air,joyous mood shone on every Tom Dick and Harry's’ face.

‘’…It’s been a while…Yeah I know right-I really missed you?’’

’em,I enjoyed every second and it would be written all the way down my heart and soul.

Names were called one by one,guys had to stay on the line to begin marching forward,in a glamorous majestic way.The day had a feather in my cap that neither my Father nor Mother leave alone my siblings and folks had no idea how this could have happened.

The day was very important to me that I needed no one to get in between.

This was my day and I would carry it all the way up to God’s glory.I was among the graduands line up.

We all marched towards the graduation square splendidly,I forgot about everything else and knew that it was all about the occasion.Mom and Dad could even send for a colleague amongst us to seek for me as I looked for them too.

Speeches were made long and short but the Key note address was straight to the point and very profound to usher us into the corporate world.

Powers were now bestowed onto us that fateful day I was as happy as a King knowing that now I have what it takes to call myself a Journalist.My name was called and I had to bow in honor of what I really worked for years down the line.

After the entertainment,accolades,key note speeches,it was now time to get snappy.I was snagged into glittering long necklaces that would make me feel so awkward but since they were only made for the day had no option with the hullabaloos.

Focus Phography on KIMC Graduation Day

‘’Take one…take a pose,there we go…’’That came from Brent my younger brother.Relax it was courtesy of Focus Photography.

Nevertheless,it was all merry on the vicinity no one knew the kind of storms I faced before the very day of my graduation.It all sucked,I could still remain very focused despite them all. I tried calling all those I knew would offer help but only a handful could extend an olive hand towards that.

It looked so uncalled for,to my father because of the arrears I had in school,mom was in an impossible mood to even call it off to next year.

Focus Photography on KIMC Graduation

Little did they know that Jesus Christ was on the verge of helping me and that’s why I call Him I’M POSSIBLE.Because there is nothing too hard for Him to do.

Jesus I adore you and love you.This far you are Ebenezer.

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