There is ALWAYS something POSITIVE.

Day to day can get habitual and boring. Monotonous and dull. Overwhelming and stressful. Being one human being out of billions before, present, and future can make one feel insignificant and lonely. From the time the alarm sounds, from the device that never turns off, until the time we lay our head back down on the average thread count pillow there is a lot of Negativity that goes noticed consciously and sub-consciously.

Where does the filter need to be turned on and off?

No one likes the guy that seems to happy to be true and everyone puts their heads down while walking by the people who could at anytime blow up with rage or is constantly depressed. Where is the middle ground? It’s all around us, so where does one go for inner peace and inner happiness?

Does starting from within work?

Where do we filter just enough of the bad stuff from the good stuff?

Obviously it is good to be self aware. It also is a really good thing to be able to notice the negative things in this world! When the weight of the overwhelming negativity this world has to offer becomes too much then the obvious answer is clear. The positive things have been left in the dust, forgotten, and overlooked.


There is always hope.

Within hope lies the very core principle of faith.

No one sees an end to the ongoing negativity, yet everyone must rely on the good things to come promise.

Waking up is a little easier when the power of positivity, hope, and faith are imbedded inside our hearts. When we open up to a world fallen and realize the good that is around, well…it just makes all the difference in the world.

Psychology statistics have proven blah blah blah, but that wouldn’t connect with us now would it?

All of us need to be understood. And seeing through lenses that are solely focused on the positivity will 100% help.

Let’s go forward in the positive direction of just at least trying to see one more wholesome thing in this world.

List of POSITIVE Things:

  • Talking with your grandparents about their memories.
  • Fruity Pebbles.
  • Warmth of the Sun.
  • Coasting just perfect to hit the green light as it turns.
  • K-12 years of your life.
  • Your first crush.
  • Running and then jumping onto the grocery cart.
  • Having a Job.
  • Etc Etc Etc. . .

If you must make a list each day to remind yourself of the positives in life.

Well then DO it.