A Review on ‘Views’ by Drake

By: Robbie Kelly

If you weren’t convinced that Drake was one of the greatest artists in 2015, when he dropped If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late AND What A Time To Be Alive, you will be after listening to Views. Drake’s highly anticipated album became available on apple music Friday, April 29 and is currently dominating the “Top Charts” within the app. The top 20 songs on “Top Charts” are the 20 songs that make up Views.

Views is a palatable album (as are most Drake albums) yet very modern and artistic. The album is a blend of Drake’s signature “soft” stuff and some of his “bangers” in which he goes in. You really get some choices on this album. Some of his more “Marvin’s Room” type songs include “Redemption”, “Keep the Family Close”, and “Fire & Desire”. These songs are all very R&B and are good to chill out to and cry to.

However, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be more interested in Drake’s hard hitters on the album. This can be found in songs like “9” — where he discusses pride in his hometown of Toronto ( “They give me loyalty and I don’t gotta pay for it) — “Hype”, and the title track “Views”. “Views” is my personal favorite as of now. He samples “Question Time” by The Winans’ as well as an early sixties sounding beat, giving it a very groovy appeal.

Views also has a few dope features on it. Drake once again teams up with Rihanna after the huge success of “Work” to make “Too good” — a song about two lovers assuming that they treat the other better than they deserve. Throwing it back to What A Time To Be Alive, Drake goes in with Future on “Grammys”. This song sounds like it came off of WATTBA, but in a good way. Normally, I’m not a huge Future fan, but he acts the way he should in this one.

I’ve discussed the album with a few people and I received some mixed reviews. I definitely think the album is worth the listen, but I do have one disappointment about it: The album seems as if Drake just threw songs together to make Views. Drake had been hinting at the album since before If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. One would assume that there would be a clearer theme to an album that has been in the works for so long.

In all fairness though, Drake doesn’t need to make a thoughtful album to be great anymore. Drake does what Drake does. He could make a three hour long album of different people singing the “Scooby Doo” theme song and people would still buy it.

Currently, Views is only streaming on Apple music, which is a fat bummer if you’re a Spotify user; however, Romper reports that the full album will be made available on Spotify May 6th. I highly recommend hip hop and R&B fans to check out Views and decide for yourself how much you like it.

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