Standing with “cancer” children,

With Jacob’s Heart

By Elizabeth Pennisi-Nozicka

Jacob’s Heart had their 4th Annual Kidrageious Golden Gallop Sunday, Oct. 8, at Monterey’s Custom House Plaza to raise money to help families with children who have cancer. Jacob’s Heart gives children’s cancer support services to local families.

Many dressed up as super heroes and in other fun costumes as they participated in the 5K Golden Gallop along the Monterey Recreation Trail. After the race everyone enjoyed music, costume contests, jump houses and much, much more. Including a visit from Miss California USA, India Williams. Vendor booths were on hand from local businesses to show their support. Fun was had by all. Some favorites were the Ghostbusters car, the Chinese dancing lion, a gigantic Batman jump house, wonderful music and most of all, smiling children.

Jacob’s Heart is a community resource that provides services for families that find themselves dealing with that horrible word, “cancer.” Pediatric cancer is heart-breaking and can leave parents feeling lost. That’s when Jacob’s Heart steps in to help ease the heart ache and pain by helping families with daily visits to the many doctor’s appointments.

Also, Jacob’s Heart provides food for families. If anyone is interested in helping Jacob’s Heart they are always looking for volunteers. A great way to support a child with cancer is by helping to make cards that will be sent to children and their families that reminds them that they are not alone in their struggle, that people are out there standing by their side and filling them with hope.

For more information on how you can help a local child with cancer go to

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