5 useful Android Studio features you might not know

Mar 24 · 4 min read

I have been using Android Studio for more than 4 years, and some of that I’m sharing is something I just realize as well. There are many gems in this IntelliJ IDE that would is really useful. I just share 5 below.

1. Show/Hide all windows, other than code editor

Cheer up…

Use ⇧ ⌘ F12 to hide or show all Windows

2. Zoom in and out code in the Editor easily

Little would one expect that we could do this on Android Studio’s Code Editor as well. Check it out below! This make modify editor to present code to a larger audience so much easier.

3. Multiple Copy-&-Paste List

Don’t be upset, when you perform copy in Android Studio, it is stored in a list, and you could access it later.

Use ⇧ ⌘ V to list all previously copied item (including those that that copy outside of Android Studio)

4. Comparing with Clipboard

Do you know in Android Studio, it has a feature to allow you to compare your existing code with the latest copied item in clipboard?

Right click on the editor, and select `Compare with Clipboard`, would have your code diff with the copy content.

This is so neat, as you just copy what you want to compare to the clipboard, and use this feature. And nicer still in the comparison, you could modify your code still while comparing.

Check out the illustration below.

4. Syntax aware select

To make it more effective, in Android Studio, we now can…

Use ⌥ ⇡ to select based on syntax scope (and ⌥ ⇣ to unselect it)

It would smartly select the syntax from a variable name to expression and to its scope. Check out the illustration below

That’s the 5 items I think would be useful if we are aware of it. Let me know if you discover any other new in Android Studio worth sharing to other by responding to this blog.

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