Harmony it is !

Focus on good things only in your life and you’ll get lost when there are only bad ones. You have to be prepared to deal with any situation ; learn from your mistakes by focusing on them for a little while just after making them , that’s how you learn from your mistakes and you have to make sure you never make them again. You also need to appreciate good moments and enjoy them like they were your last. Dealing with the problems is easy , but staying cool while doing so is the hardest part . And that’s what makes us know who we really are , for example i consider myself a pessimst judging by the way i deal with my problems and trust me you don’t want to be a pessimst, it’s shit.

Life is about the good and the bad , the dark and the light, you have to deal with both at the same time so yiu can reach balance in your life. There’s also a little black in the white and little white in the black and you need to be in peace with your mind to reach the harmony, which is necessary to keep moving forward in your life.

Take decision in the present time based on your past experience in order to achieve what you want to be and do in the future . The three tenses are the key to your problems if you successfully manage to balance between them. Never look too far in the past nor in the future, just a slight look, and focus on the present. Be a realist with a dose of pessimism and optimism. See ? Life is all about contradiction and harmony between two or more opposites.