You can die at any moment , take action !

You can die at any moment , just put that in your mind when you’re walking around doing the stuff you usually do , and you can either stop doing shit and just sit there and cry all day long because you are thinking that maybe this is the last day of your existence. Or you can move your ass and do everything you always wanted to do , and all that with passion because it’s what makes us feel alive. Do shit with passion , kiss the girl you like , hug the people you love , go wherever you want whenever you want to and the most important thing is : DO NOT GIVE A FUCK .
No seriously , just enjoy life and learn to appreciate every single moment because it may be your last ! So you better make the best out of it , appreciate the small things in life and learn to see the beauty in all you look at ,take your time and look at things long enough until you memorize the details. But don’t give up the quest of being successful in life , you have to work as if you’re going to live for ever.
 Yes you got that right, make your life beautiful by enjoying every day as if it was your last and make your life count by working hard as fuck as if you’re going to live forever ! Just do what you got to do and never regret a decision you’ve made , don’t worry about the people and what they say about you , they don’t have the slightest idea , they just don’t know ! You can ask me what don’t they know ? Well they don’t know that you’re gonna grow into a fuckin legend and the things they say are only going to make the legend that you are more popular , they are just haters that will regret messing with you when you reach a level higher than they could ever dream of.