Top Toys for 2016–17–18 Holidays

Ely Shemer
Dec 7, 2016 · 1 min read

Each year as Christmas approaches, a number of retailers put out their “holiday hot lists”. These are lists of the toys that they predict are going to be the biggest sellers — and those that the kids are going to be asking Santa for!

There are a huge number of hot lists out there these days, however a handful of these are the ones you should consider to be most important.

The Toy Heaven online store have selected the 15 most recommended hot toys of the season based on those lists and posted reviews and full product details. Click the green button below:

Top Toys of 2016–17

Update for 2017: The Toy Heaven online store have selected the leading Hit Toys for the 2017 Holiday Season on For full details click the green button below:

Amazon Hit List for 2017

Check out the Holiday Toy List

Originally published at The Christmas Blog.

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