I wrapped up a work week where I spent the better part of it trying to figure out how to cherry-pick a few methods from different classes to build a smoke test suite. “This will be easy,” I thought, remembering using Junit’s handy @Smoke from a previous project. Unfortunately, I discovered as soon as I annotated my first smoke test with @Smoke that feature had been deprecated.

I was so wrong. This was not easy. This was frustrating and surprisingly difficult to figure out, as everyone has a different way to accomplish this goal. I couldn’t find a lot on…

“You’re stupid.”

These two crippling words echo through my mind two decades after my teacher, Dr. L, berated me in front of the entire Intro to Computer Science class when I was 15. I had raised my hand and asked him to explain a concept when I didn’t get it the first time around. I don’t remember what problem I was trying to solve, my question, or the context around it. I doubt I’ll ever forget how it felt to be called stupid, though.

Around the same time, I told my grandfather (a marine engineer) that I wanted to turn my love…

Elysia Lock

I write code that tests code, and sometimes I write about it.

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