Maybe a Teen, Not So Mean

Read. Live. Love. Stop. A teenager is writing this article. A teenager who seems to be both well educated and well versed in their methods of calling you out. Admit it. The moment you stumbled across this article, you read the title, glanced at my small bio that appears below my name and thought, ‘Oh dear, here’s another teenager who thinks they know what the world is and how it works. Sigh.’

My name is Chloe and I am a regular teenager, although I have two greater passions in life: writing, and learning. Although I may still be in the teen-years, I would like to think I am not repulsive. Fortunately for you, dear reader, my generation is not entirely what it seems! Not all teenagers are boozy, whining, or lazy; in fact, I much prefer to remain tucked up in bed with a good book (currently Me Before You by Jojo Moyes) and a cup of tea, and maybe even a stuffed toy or two — hey, we all have an inner child!

You, possibly a well-established adult, perhaps even with children, may be wondering what brings a teenager who can’t get her nose out of her books here; I am here because I want to talk. I want to express my thoughts, feelings and opinions in a public way so I can learn what other people think. I would like to expand my voice past what is my social circle, and reach greater audiences. I wish to achieve great things, meet great people, and write, write, write, learn, learn, learn!

And just like that, I found the perfect place where I can listen and learn, then write and grow.

This article may not be very informative, but I think it is a useful tool to introducing myself. In future, may my articles be less personal and more professional. If you’re reading this, pleas feel free to say hi! I would love to meet the friendly faces who kindly read this.

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