BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is a Dating Sim, Fight Me

When being introduced to the game, you'll hear a lot of the same terms tossed around.

Beginner Friendly, Encourages Assists, and Any Team Works.

I'm here to tell you it's not really true. But, it's the same statements that one would make on a dating profile. Sure, there is a low execution barrier to inputing a move, and there is a button just for assists, and so many characters work well, just as I write on my dating profile that I love long walks on the beach, am an avid reader, and like the color orange. It's true, but not the whole truth of who I am and why I enjoy those things.

The details given when just starting out with this game are encouraging, but your first time online will be as awkward as a first date. And there is a reason for this.

The characters you choose for a match are in a sense, not individuals, but a relationship between themselves and your opponent's selections.

You swap characters in and out for combo damage, to build little Assist Diamonds, to save yourself (or rather, your character) from opponents' combos, and when one character is slain, you are rewarded with a comeback moment known as Resonance Blaze that is entirely informed by how much your team worked together.

This game asks of a new player to know the assists they will use with each character they pick, as well as choose characters that have complementary moves to be used tactfully across a match.

Not every character is going to be compatible, and while you can force that relationship to succeed, it's an uphill battle. When a match ends, you have to ask yourself the following:

How much did my characters support one another?

Was my characters' relationship stronger than my opponent's attempts to break them apart?

Did my opponent suffer at all for what they did to that relationship, or did my characters die unavenged?

When a player activates Resonance Blaze, you can see that your opponent is no longer able to call out their partner character for Combo Breakers. In a way, it's a declaration to the opponent that despite the wounds inflicted upon your relationship, it will be stronger than the destructive intent of any other, and there is nothing that can stand in the way of that passion.

How the opponent must then suffer as their due for their punishing of another's relationship. They can't save themselves with another character when they have destroyed a lifeline in another player's character relationship.

Learning these insights and approaching the game in this way suddenly opens doors to thoughts of how characters really move and attack with the threat of all possible movements and attacks from their partner character.

I've seen what Linne and Yang looks like, as well as Tager and Noel, and yet there are so many other relationships I want to see come to life.

Unleash your inner matchmaker in this game to find the full toolset you need to leave your opponent asking themselves the same question at the end ot each match:

What will I feel when I see someone else's relationship?