Elysium Live AMA Summary

Elysium Shell
4 min readApr 4, 2022

Project Development

  • What is the core value of Elysium?

Co-creating is what we believe. Therefore, we aim to combine the power of the community and the creators. Our goal is to construct a talent pool for Web 3. Also, to bridge anyone with the Web 3 world.

  • What is the purpose of building the Elysium Shell?

We are looking to build a brand/image with the community, create classics of our era, and explore the metaverse with the talent all around the world.

  • Will the copyright be fully open to the holders of Elysium Shell?

Holders have the full right to use their own characters (in both 2D and 3D). However, Elysium System reserves the right of final explanation.

  • How will Elysium plan for the metaverse?

The idea of the metaverse is to be developed. The ideal metaverse (like the Oasis in the movie ‘’Ready Player One) has not been built so far. However, we are working on developing 3D models that can function in all sorts of fields. By the time the ideal platform is built, we will be ready to apply to it in no time.

These 3D models can be used not only in virtual fields, but also in physical uses.

Most team members are passionate about 3D production. We will spare no effort in searching for all the interesting 3D platforms to let the Shells invade everywhere in the world.

  • How will the funding be used?

After the project being sold out, the funding usage plan is as followed:

60% goes to covering the expenses of early developments.
20% goes to the team budget.
20%:Will be used on the finacial plans the Teahouse has made for us. All profits from the investments will be used for team operation. The members of the team will not be taking profit from it.

  • How does the team generate income after the sale?

Despite the funding we own, as a creator team, creativity is our biggest asset. We’ll continue to create and deliver services that are valuable and meaningful to the market.

  • What is your vision on the idea of Co-create?

We hope that our relationship with the community can be more than the producers versus the purchasers. Therefore, we will provide gateways for the community to participate in the making of the upcoming projects, like the 28 creators from our community that took part in our creation previously.

  • Will running Elysium remain a huge part for the team after the public sale?

Yes, Elysium will be a long-term project. Most of the members are currently working on this project as a full time job, and will continue to work on it full time in the future.

  • When will ./Recoding happen?

Q3 of 2022.


  • Will there be more utilities or, perhaps, airdrops?

Elysium has wonderful aesthetic talents with a complete background story. We will continue to explore the possibilities of NFT applications (Comics, animation, films, games, brands are all in our scope).

  • Will there be special roles created for holders in our Discord?

Yes. We will write our own collabland robot for verification.The holders will receive different roles in our Discord according to the race of E-Shells they hold.


  • Will my E-Code be opened by others?

No. You have to open it by yourself.

  • Can I keep the E-Code unrevealed forever?


  • Is the rarity of each race different?

Yes, the following is the rarity chart.

Elysium Shell rarity chart
  • What is the meaning of a 1/1 shell?
  1. Special edition that Elysium collaborates with other renowned artists/projects.
  2. The character has a special position in the story.
  3. All accessories of 1/1 are unique. You won’t see any of them on other E-Shells.
  • Will there be the any same characters in the E-Shell collection?

No, all the characters, besides 1/1 editions, all characters are randomly composed.

  • How will the 3D images be transferred if the Shell is traded in the secondary market?

Basically, owners will be able to connect their wallets on our website to get access to the 3D images. Further details are to be announced.

  • In what platform will the 3D images be transferred and when will it be available?

We will figure it out after the sale. The details will be announced once they’re decided.

  • What smart contract are we using?

The ERC 1155 for the blind box, and the ERC721A for the characters you receive after opening the blind box.

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Written and translated by Mal, OTS_Johnny
Proofread by Pxtrick Pin