Dear Internet: Don’t wear that just because Kim K does

Spotted: bicycle shorts. Browsing through a Lululemon email this evening and spotted a model wearing bicycle shorts and not in the way of a sports setting. She had a tote, long sleeve shirt and flip flops. Ok so she could be apres bike ride, I can see where Lulu as an apparel brand is going with this.

My second thought: UGH, the new cool girl look is going to consist of wearing those bike shorts around town which are not flattering on anybody (who isn’t riding a bike).

Kim K is curvy and carries herself well but lately I’ve been noticing either a distinct attention seek out or just has too much money to actually care. She tries very hard to make her bicycle shorts chic: hair extensions — check, designer sunglasses — check, dangerous heels without the intention of riding a bike at all — check. I could go on.

Obvoiusly the bike shorts are intentional. I know this is all a big Yeezy season 7 call for attention is taking Insta-nation by storm.

Now retailers are following this awful trend and purposing it as street wear. I wear my Lululemon pants out and about like a normal person. I feel like bicycle shorts is wear I draw the line. I’m not oblivious to the fact that I’m not Kim K and I know my pudgy knees would look ridiculous being cut off at that angle. She happens to look ok in them but the kind of way where you want to keep staring because she’s exposing way too much of herself in a spanx kind of way.

Let’s just agree that if we stop paying attention these girls can dress, do and act the way we want but we don’t have to dress like them to get closer to their world. This goes for retailers as well as they try and make KKW trends come to life. I hope that bicycle shorts aren’t going to become a thing this year and if they do, consider me uncool.