Hi, I work in a museum.
Micah Walter

Magic Tate Ball – which does get used from time to time.

And a couple of the ones I had a hand in making – Museum Victoria’s Field Guide app and MV Tours app. All the rest have gone from my phone as I run out of space and. delete them.

There are more on my tablet (more space, less music and fewer photos)

RaceVsTime – the kids play it sometimes.

LaunchBall – really old but one of the best museum apps I’ve had. Again, the kids have loved playing it in the past but so much now.

and AMNH Dinosaur and Cosmic were fun when they first came out.

and there are others that I’ve downloaded, checked out once and closed. Won’t even mention them because they’ve never been opened a second time. Hardly ever keep or use visit-related apps but as Courtney says, since I work in a museum I too am #notnormal.