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WWhen psychologist Michael Leiter gets called in to consult for a company that wants to reduce burnout in its employees, his options for advice are typically limited. Reducing staff workload, the most obvious answer, is rarely a possibility.

So instead, he focuses on another way to ward off the exhaustion…

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MMath has never been my strong suit. When I was applying to graduate school a few years ago, thinking about the math section of the GRE left my stomach in anxious knots. (Yes, this is a story about a standardized test, but bear with me.) In a move that was…

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InIn the canon of well-meaning marriage advice—Have a regular date night! Never to go bed angry! Laugh together!—one chestnut stands out as especially unhelpful: Pick your battles.

Which battles are worth picking? How do you know? Can you take a stand after the third time your mother-in-law makes a snotty…

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YYour boss stands in front of a whiteboard, wielding a dry-erase pen. “We’re just brainstorming!” she says. “There’s no such thing as a bad idea.”

You look around at your co-workers, hoping one of them will go first. As you clear your throat to speak, your palms start to sweat.

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WWhen you’re in the throes of post-breakup misery, your friends and family might try to comfort you by trashing the person who stomped all over your heart: You can do better, they’ll tell you. Your ex is going to regret letting you go. They never deserved you anyway.

It’s nice…

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MyMy sister recently did something either impressive or utterly baffling, depending on your point of view: She organized and led a 16-day rafting trip down the Colorado river, navigating roughly 250 miles of whitewater through the Grand Canyon, entirely cut off from civilization.

As soon as she regained cell service…

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Have you ever come back from vacation feeling like you badly needed, well, a vacation?

Complaining about how exhausted you are after a week in Cancun isn’t going to win you any sympathy from co-workers, but it isn’t unusual to experience a crash, even after a lovely holiday.

It’s increasingly…

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