I may never need to know a maximum flow algorithm (Ford-Fulkerson), but it’s nice to know I have that tool available if the situation arises, and can recognize its application to a problem space.
Why I studied full-time for 8 months for a Google interview
Googley as Heck

Ok, I’m with you when you say that it’s nice to “have this tool” but what does “heaving a tool” mean in this context?
There are a ton of tools (algorithms) in CS and for some of them it’s really hard to remember the correct implementation.

I think you should focus on the general concept. You have to know how these algorithms work but I think that is completely useless to memorize them and, onestly, I think that a good interviewer shouldn’t ask for something like that.

Anyway, good luck for your interview and thank you for your GitHub page ;-)

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