TO get admission in University


He says “ i hated failure and i knew that success was synonymous with effort,by which rule i believed i could i win” in this he focuses on hardworking and continuous learning efforts to achieve something that you want to achieve and i share it below how it relates to mine story.

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i want to get admission in university even i didn’t go to college i did my inter and bachelor private from a small academy but my dream was to get higher education and i want to get admission in university. so it was a big challenge for me at that time.

i want to achieve this because i want to do job to support my family . i belong to a middle class family and at that time it was very difficult for me to continue my education even.

The first challenge that i was facing at that time is my family and our financial structure. Its very difficult for me to induce my family for university because i didn’t go to college before and i was very shy girl.

The tasks that i identified was that first of all i have to have to get the high marks in bachelor so to take admission on merit in university and also need preparation for test and i need some money to apply in university. but one of my teacher was very supportive and he guide and support me in every step.

although all the challenges was to easy for me and its also difficult for me to adjust in university environment as i never go to college ever so in university there is completely different environment. After being selected i was much confused even i did not understand the lectures easily. but i just start to understand and to learn that environment and i tried to adjust myself according to it . after all with the passage of time i did it …..😊😊😊

At the end i learned that nothing is impossible “a man can do the things which he want to do in real”

Now i am in a terminal stage of my this program and i am searching for the job to something for my family and to support them.

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